imam malmö

December , Dag, Gryning, Soluppgång, Middag, Skymning, Rabi' al-Awwal, Persisk kalendern. fredag. lördag. söndag. måndag. tisdag. Islamic Centers imam kan svara på frågor endast vid personlig kontakt och bokat tid. E-post: [email protected] Kvinnofrågor & Rådgivning Tel: Mobil: E-post: [email protected] Studiebesök Mobil: E-post: [email protected] Begravning Tel: Malmö's Islamakademin, or Islam Academy, is perhaps not the first place you'd expect to meet an orthodox Rabbi. But Moshe David HaCohen has been working closely with the Academy's founder Salahuddin Barakat for three months now on their project, called Amanah. The word means "trust" and "faith". imam malmö